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Continued from last page…

Torture Begins!

So they sent me to public school and I’m smack dab in the middle of the post WWII baby boom thing. And for some reason my class got stuck w/all the first year inexperienced teachers! For my first 3 years it was each teachers first year teaching… and they all quit after they had us. I had a developmental learning disability of some kind most likely Dyslexia (me & most of the artist’s out there). But the school system was overwhelmed with us runny nosed tikes. So they never had me tested to figure out what exactly it was. Instead my first grade Teacher put all of us kids who were having trouble learning at a pace she thought we should be in the center of the room! Then literally encouraged the other kids to make fun of us! After that I was type cast into the "Bone Head" class ‘til the end of high school. This society started the process of throwing me away as a Human Being back in the first grade! In retrospect I now realize that the so called "Bone Head" kids were really the kids who were too smart to play their game… The round pegs that wouldn’t fit in their square holes. The kids from the most dysfunctional family’s, or whose families didn’t have the "right" political or religious views. Kids of parents who tried to intervene on their kid’s behalf etc. The miss fits that the under staffed, over taxed (not the income kind) and under funded Public School system teeming with Boomer’s didn’t know what box to push us into. Believe me there wasn’t one dumb kid in those classes!

But first grade was also one of the best parts of my story cause… My first name is Alan… In kindergarten I had met the first other human being I had with that same first name (There is a funny story around that too but I’ll have to tell it later). As easily impressed kindergartners we became instant best friends. (It helped that our Mom’s were friends too! But I didn’t know that at the time.) So in first grade we sat next to each other. He was a kid who when he was into something he would get so revved up about it! That it would rub off on others around him. As I remember it, he had a much older sister who had a boy friend into hotrod’s… So Alan started us off drawing Hotrods. We would trace a nickel for the back tires, a dime for the front’s… a box for the body a few boxes for the engine, some straight lines for the intake & exhaust, squiggly line’s off the back wheels for tire smoke & voila! A Hotrod! Later it was he (again much older sister’s rodder boyfriend) who showed up with the first ED "Big Daddy" Roth add. Probably in Car Craft. So in short order we were into Roth, Mouse, Newton, Williams etc. After that I was hopelessly hooked on "Weirdo" art (we called it). I spent the rest of grade school in the back of the class drawing on everything! We also would design hotrods & custom cars like Newton did for Roth! We just took that for granted as part of the Hotrod art deal. The car model magazines encouraged "Kit Bashing", so designing customs was just part of it. By the time we were in sixth grade our lil’ Hotrod artist clump had grown to five of us. We could do 3/4 views; we had learned basic color theory etc. When one guy would figure out how to do something he would teach the rest of us. Years after I graduated High School I asked the man who had been one of my favorite high school art teachers, (Actually my all time favorite art teacher) about this. He told me that we had been the most advance clump of students when we got to High School that he had ever taught.

Around the third grade, I wanted a "StingRay" Bicycle like my buddies… But Dad wouldn’t buy me a new one (He had the $… Depression child) so again a trip to the dump. Picked up the right size frame. Then we bought the Schwin seat and handlebars etc. And we built one from scratch. The only thing was that the rear of the frame wasn’t wide enough for a real "StingRay" width wheel. So no slick or knobby tire for me! I had to ride a "StingRay" with a skinny back wheel. But in retrospect it’s "all-good!" now! Cause I learned allot building a bike from scratch like that! And it worked just fine. In fact some of my best childhood memories. Revolve around riding that thing with allowance ($5.00 every two weeks) money burning a whole in my pocket, on a great, sunny, warm, California day, to the hobby shop. In order to get my grubby lil’, glue, and paint stained hand’s on the latest Revel Roth Hotrod Monster, or Hawk Weid-ohs character model kit, or Monogram, Revel, or AMT, 3 in one, car model kit etc.

Before I leave grade school I have to tell this story cause the artist, Von Franco relates a very similar story as this in his "I Was a Teenage Monster Shirt Painter!" book. Well it happened to me too! I don’t remember exactly how this came about. Alan and myself were out at recess in the third grade. Some how these sixth graders saw our "Weirdo" drawings. So they said "Hey kid!" If I give you 50¢ would you draw one of those in felt pen (at that time we didn’t know that an airbrush even existed at that point in our lives) on my T-shirt? So we got busy doing these shirts, getting paid 50¢ for each one. Wow I was getting’ paid to draw "Weirdo’s" on t-shirts like my hero Ed "Big Daddy" Roth! This euphoria last about three day’s… And the next morning we hear on the intercom. "Mrs. So & So, would you please send Alan & Alan to the Principals Office (A first for me!)!" When we got here we waited our turn on the bench. A when it was our turn… One of their Mom’s complained that we had ruined their kid’s shirt and we were ordered to cease and desist our ill’ enterprise henceforth! My first lesson in how little Capitalism values the products of the dominant aptitudes I was born with. And that art could be seen as offensive and destructive, and threatening by the powers that be! Remember the Kid’s asked us to do it! But the adult world didn’t get it! Freaked out over it! Had to nip it in the bud Quick! My first encounter with the "Kill the Messenger!" syndrome. Also the dreaded, (later to be labeled) "Generation Gap!"

Stay Tuned…

Above is drawing I did for an Industrial Design class I had in High School,
White colored pencil on black paper. Circa 1968-69.

Above is the centerfold out of the first Hot Rod/Custom Car Magazine I ever bought! I still love this car!

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